The Story

The story of Bermanboard Skateboards originates in the world of architecture.  In 1984, artist Ken Berman attended Lehigh University and studied architecture.  Across the river from the university sat Bethlehem Steel, the mills that forged much of the steel used to create the foundation for the modern industrial age.  Ken spent four years living in close proximity to the steel mills and developed an affinity for the aesthetics and functionality of the machine. 

Forward to 1998 when Ken set out on his artistic journey as a fine artist which continues to this day.  His work resides in Bermansworld ... a world comprised of industrial punk widgets that reflect a sense of past, present and future simultaneously.  You can find Ken's artwork at

Forward again to 2011 when Bermanboard Skateboards was created.  Each year since it's inception Bermanboard Skateboards brings to market new skateboard designs that we hope will transcend typical skateboard art and graphics bringing the genre to the doorsteps of fine art.

New this year we plan on unveiling our latest accessory called Deck Dock (TM) ... a multi-angular skateboard hanger that will allow any standard skateboard to be displayed on a wall or sloped ceiling like fine art.  More info coming soon.